First LEED Platinum home in western Massachusetts to become teaching facility

The Center for Ecological Technology, a leading non-profit organization offering green building
services across western Massachusetts, has just certified the first single family home with the highest rating possible from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED® for Homes
rating system. The home becomes the sixth home in Massachusetts that has earned the
difficult LEED Platinum rating.

Landscape Historian Marie Stella designed the residence, Beaver Lodge. She initiated the project to illustrate the integration of Art, Technology, and Environment.  An Instructor in the Graduate Program at The Landscape Institute, Harvard University, Marie will offer on-site
instruction in Sustainable Design.

LEED for Homes was established by the USGBC as a national, voluntary third-party rating system for energy efficient, healthy, and sustainable homes.  There are four tiers (Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum), based on points awarded to each project in 8 different evaluation categories.  After completing the final analysis, CET verified the Stella project had earned
the platinum designation with a total of 101.5 points out of a total of 136 possible points.

Location + Linkages (LL)                                   10                                            5
Sustainable Sites (SS)                                       22                                          18
Water Efficiency (WE)                                        15                                          11
Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ)                    21                                          13
Materials + Resources (MR)                              16                                         14.5
Energy + Atmosphere (EA)                                38                                          30
Awareness and Education (AE)                          3                                             2
Innovation + Design Process (ID)                      11                                            8
TOTAL                                                              136                                       101.5

“Achieving LEED Platinum certification is by no means a simple undertaking,” said Megan
McDonough, CET Assistant Manager who also owns a LEED certified home in Colrain.
 “Ms. Stella was able to achieve her goal of Platinum because she handled all parts of
the construction process with an unwavering commitment to sustainable design.”  

CET’s analysis also determined that the home’s energy performance will be 59% more
efficient than a typical home built in Massachusetts.

“We are thrilled to be involved with the area’s most dedicated green home builders in the LEED for Homes program,” said Ms. McDonough.  “Builders like Marie Stella are true
pioneers that demonstrate just how sustainable a home can be.”

LEED certification provides third-party assurance to homebuyers that their home complies with rigorous technical requirements for energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality,
non-toxic materials, and maximum environmental performance. Every aspect of the
landscape is designed to advance these goals.